This 80 hour training course will provide the learner with all of the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills to be able to effectively plan and deliver fitness yoga classes to the general public.

This course will cover the following topics:

  1. Anatomy and physiology – this will be delivered through practical workshops and theoretical lectures. The anatomy will be directly related to yoga asanas and breathing techniques. 
  2. Teaching skills – practical workshops where learners will develop their teaching skills in relation to vocal tone, projection, verbal and non verbal communication. Learners will have ample opportunity to practise these skills with their peers to gain confidence and experience.
  3. Sequence building – practical and theoretical workshops to teach and develop the skills required to create effective, progressive sequences surrounding a theme or peak pose. 
  4. Adapting to student types – practical workshops to develop the skills and confidence to change/modify/adapt a sequence according to student types.
  5. Yoga asanas – practical and theoretical workshops covering the main yoga asanas that you would expect to see in a fitness yoga class such as standing, balancing, seated, twisting, prone and supine poses. Students will learn how to use yogic props to create space and allow the user to make the pose more challenging or easier.
  6. Breathwork – practical and theoretical workshops covering 3 pranayama techniques that you would expect to see in a fitness yoga class. Students will learn how to effectively demonstrate and then guide participants through the techniques and will be able to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the benefits and contraindications associated with each technique.