GameChangers is a new initiative that is paving the way for the next generation of video game creators.

GameChangers is all about bringing people together to forge effective strategic partnerships. When combined, the creative force of game development studios, the expertise from educational and career providers, and the invaluable insights of community organisations will ensure a brighter future for Liverpool’s games industry.

Funded by Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s Careers Hub and supported by All About Futures/All About STEM.

Collaboration is the life force that fuels Liverpool’s success stories. Together, we can shape Liverpool’s games future, enhancing career opportunities and the city’s vibrancy.


The GameChangers Pledge is an integral part of the GameChangers initiative and is a shared commitment to develop new pathways, partnerships, funding opportunities, and best practices that will enable people in our region to realise their talents in the gaming industry sector. The Pledge states:

We, the undersigned, pledge to support the growth and development of gaming talent by working together to make our Liverpool City Region the premier hub for game development worldwide.

“Joining GameChangers is our pledge to support the next generation of video game creators, to nurture their imagination and fresh ideas, and ensure that together, we can take one of our fastest-growing industries to the next level.”


Co-announce our pledge to the world

• Take part in 8 or more hours per year of GameChangers activity

• Contribute to an annual report, tracking our shared progress and impact

• Celebrate and disseminate best practices to illuminate gaming careers and pathways in the Liverpool City Region

Want to join us?

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