1 day in length

It is important that people see everyone as their customer, both within the business and externally, that they are able to ‘put themselves in the shoes of the customer’, recognise customer touchpoints and be able to identify what’s working and what needs to improve.

This Customer Excellence programme would encourage managers and colleagues in all roles, to work together to challenge each other so that local LCRCA employers can rise above its competitors, maintain existing client relationships and grow and

nurture repeat and new business.

It is recommended that Customer Excellence training is delivered through a one-day workshop that is open to all managers and colleagues at every level within the business, that covers the fundamentals of customer service and encourages people to focus on the following:-

  • Understanding who their customers are
  • Identifying customer demands and expectations
  • Being honest about current levels of service provided and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Knowing when a conversation is likely to turn into a complaint
  • Having meaningful two-way conversations with customers to establish facts and reach mutually agreeable resolutions
  • Recognising which organisations provide great customer service – what can we learn from them?
  • Understanding the part everyone can play in putting the customer first
  • In addition, attendees will be encouraged to explore their organisational core values and the behaviours which fall out of the
  • core values can be used to form a Customer Excellence Charter to ensure that all participants go away knowing how they can play their part in:-
  • Keeping their promises
  • Working in partnership
  • Being innovative and creative
  • Treating everyone with respect

Delivered by Three Dimensional Training.

This is part funded by the European Social Fund