2-day course covering the following;

Day 1 (AM) – The Importance of a Marketing Strategy

  • To distinguish the difference between a Marketing Plan, a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Tactics.
  • To understand the importance of research before writing your strategy.
  • To be aware of the 5 Ps of Marketing.
  • To appreciate the top 9 strategy tools available to you.
  • Understanding a potential strategy that could work for you – the common elements.
  • Understanding the costs

Day 1 (PM) – Social Media Marketing

  • Why use social media for business?
  • Group Discussion to discover everyone’s experience of social media to date.
  • Understanding the choices available.
  • Social media goal setting.
  • Understanding your target market and how to reach them.
  • LinkedIn
  • A deep dive into LinkedIn.
  • Profile relevancy and attractiveness to your target market.
  • The ‘free’ advertising opportunities available and how this has been a game changer for some clients.
  • The recent changes to LinkedIn and how to take advantage of them.
  • The Company Page and building your relevant connection base.
  • Generating engagement with great content.

Day 2 (AM) – Social Media Marketing Continued

  • Facebook and Instagram.
  • Similarities, differences and how to use them both for your business.
  • Setting up your Facebook and Instagram business pages to ensure client / customer relevancy
  • Best practices
  • Developing content curation skills
  • Learning from Facebook and Instagram Insights
  • Twitter
  • Are you set up for 2022?
  • Recent twitter changes to help grow your business.
  • What, when and how often to tweet.
  • Scheduling
  • Twitter hours
  • YouTube
  • Examining its position in the digital marketing world
  • How YouTube can help develop business growth
  • Setting up a YouTube account
  • Setting up and customising your YouTube channel
  • YouTube best practices
  • Generating followers
  • Social media recap & review

Day 2 (PM) – Digital Marketing

  • Industry definition of Digital Marketing
  • Review the versatility and accuracy of this form of marketing
  • Examine the potential complexity and how to avoid some common digital pitfalls
  • Discuss cost effectiveness and the importance of budgeting
  • Review performance measurability against KPIs and examine some digital analytics tools
  • Some free digital tools to consider

Delivered by Three Dimensional Training.

This is part funded by the European Social Fund