Daniel: “It’s great to be trusted with that level of responsibility”

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26-year-old Daniel Moore from St Helens based construction health & safety specialists Safer Sphere is currently undertaking an HNC Construction in the Built Environment advanced apprenticeship. Having previously successfully completed a level 3 mechanical engineering apprenticeship, Daniel was keen to share the merits of choosing the apprenticeship route.

Prior to starting an apprenticeship had you received any form of advice or guidance in relation to this?

“We had a careers officer when I was in school but there was never much mention of apprenticeships. They got a feel of the kind of things that we wanted to do and then steered you further down that direction. It was academically led to be honest.

All of my friends went down the academic route and there are some that have now got jobs but these are not in the areas within which they studied.

It’s interesting as some of them wish they had gone down the apprenticeship route if not just to not have the debts that have come with that particular route.”

Has your perception of the apprenticeship programme changed since undertaking this particular route?

“I’ve always had quite a good outlook on apprenticeships and to be honest I was a bit sceptical when undertaking the first one as you hear some horror stories and in some cases, the pay can be very low but I was very fortunate in that I was on a half decent wage from the start. Having had good experiences my thoughts on apprenticeships have only changed for the better!”

Do you have any advice that you could share with others considering an apprenticeship?

“I would always advise to really look into it fully and be sure that this is the route that you want to go down and that’s not specifically as an apprentice but the actual profession itself. You’ve got to do something that you will take enjoyment from as you could be doing this for some time. Also the consideration of the fact that you will be learning whilst earning and getting practical experience as well.”

How did you come by your initial apprenticeship opportunity?

“It was a family member that made me aware of my first apprenticeship. My uncle was part of an engineering company and had said to me that if I wasn’t enjoying doing A-levels or that if I was struggling with it then maybe I should look to enrol on to an apprenticeship. Whilst I was enjoying my studies I decided that that was something that I wanted to go for and something that would be of greater benefit.”

What does an average day for you consist of?

“Whilst a great deal of my time consists of assisting others in their projects I do have some of my own now. I do things such as attend meetings and ensure supporting documentation is in order and present and I can also be out myself undertaking site audits to ensure that they are both compliant as well as safe.

One of my projects was the refurbishment of a building in Manchester in order for a gym to set up and move into the premises. It’s great to be trusted with that level of responsibility.”

So even though Daniel is only part of the way into his current apprenticeship are there any thoughts as to what may be next?

“Already there have been discussions of undertaking an additional unit that would then reduce the HND by a year! So that will allow me to achieve the HND in just a year and something that I have committed to already.”

And finally and maybe most importantly, what aspect, other than payday is your favourite?

“I enjoy the fact that I get to experience new things all of the time, every day can be very different from the next!”