Workshop aim: This two-day coaching and mentoring programme will build on the principles of coaching and mentoring. 

Who should attend this workshop? This workshop is designed for individuals working in businesses based in Halton, who are keen to build on their knowledge and skills of coaching and mentoring practice. 

What does the workshop cover? 

  • Mentoring, Coaching and Therapy – the key differences 
  • The Purpose and benefits of Coaching/Mentoring in the workplace 
  • Attributes of an effective Coach/Mentor 
  • The Coaching/Mentoring relationship 
  • Planning and undertaking the Coaching/Mentoring session 
  • The importance of reflection and feedback 
  • You as a coach/mentor 
  • Putting learning into practice 

Our Trainers and delivery style: Our experienced team are highly skilled professionals, whose ethos ensures that both the learner and the organisation achieve added value though our training provision. Our industry expertise is embedded in theory shared through interactive workshops. We will guide you through this one-day workshop ensuring that you reflect, learn, participate, and have fun! We are flexible in our delivery options, offering half day, one day, mornings, daytime, or twilight sessions. 

Feedback from learners has been highly complementary: 

  • ‘It is very insightful, and you can definitely learn new things no matter your level of expertise.’ 
  • ‘I feel educated in a very short space of time. A lot of good knowledge.’ 
  • ‘You could see that the trainer was very enthusiastic in what was being discussed and made everyone want to join in and be part of it.’ 

Fully Funded 

This training is from the Skills and Apprenticeship Hub which is part-funded by the European Social Fund and Strategic Investment Fund.