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We explore why apprenticeships are increasingly desirable and take a look at The Learning Foundry who help students into apprenticeships…

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If you’ve finished your GCSEs or taken A-levels but don’t think college or university is for you then you might want to look at apprenticeships.

Competition is tough to get one, but there are free courses that will give you an improved chance of landing one. We explore why apprenticeships are increasingly desirable and take a look at The Learning Foundry who help students into apprenticeships.

Schools and colleges reputations are often measured by the number of people they get into higher education. It’s one of the first things that parents look at. That’s why there is often a focus on achieving this. For some people the academic route just doesn’t suit them. A desire to be in the working world and earning money switches them on much more that getting a degree. Apprenticeships offer a great route to be working, gaining experience and earning a wage.  High fliers who want a degree without a student loan look to land a degree apprenticeship that will make them at least £75,000 better off than a graduate taking the traditional University route. 

So how do you get an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are created by businesses often as a talent pipeline. They want to take someone and train them not only in the skills of their profession, but also in company culture and what is expected in a real job. They will invest time and money in you. They are looking for hard working enthusiastic individuals who understand that the business will be looking to take you on in the future. So to get an apprenticeship you need to impress an employer rather than get the right grades. Think job interview, not college or university application.

If you like the sound of an apprenticeship there are a number of organisations that can help you look for one.

These include colleges and universities who help deliver the theory parts of the apprenticeship training. There are also independent companies that provide free assistance in preparing to get an apprenticeship. They have programmes called traineeships. One of these companies in the Liverpool City Region is The Learning Foundry.

They run 16 week training programmes for 16 to 24 year olds who want to land an apprenticeship. The programmes help you find and prepare for an apprenticeship. That includes gaining valuable experience in the sector you think you would like to work in. There is an apprenticeship for virtually every job you could think of. In the first eight weeks you’ll learn a myriad of employability skills from The Learning Foundry Team and guest speakers. The next eight weeks are spent in industry gaining valuable work experience. 

The Learning Foundry says it has a number of apprenticeships across various sectors which are exclusively available to students on their programmes.

They promise that you’ll get a guaranteed interview for a vacancy once you’ve completed your course. They have five courses to choose from geared to different roles. These are Dental Nursing with admissions on 14th August, music industry or events management with admissions beginning on 7th August, childcare and construction with admissions starting from 4th September.

If you are interested in any of these courses then head to their application page. If you are not sure and want to find out more, they are holding an Open Day on 31st August.