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Some of the highest paying careers across the Liverpool City Region (LCR) are STEM based…

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Some of the highest paying careers across the Liverpool City Region (LCR) are STEM based. This will continue into the future as LCR has a vision to be a science superpower driven by innovation.

There’s a £3 billion pipeline of STEM based projects in infection control and health/life sciences, materials chemistry, Artificial Intelligence solutions, and net-zero innovation.

Let’s start by looking at what STEM is.

It literally stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It embraces careers that have these four subjects at their heart. These are careers that require a STEM based professionals include engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and many more. STEM jobs require extensive educational training and background in the field they specialize in. So, you won’t be surprised to now that they have solid very well paid career paths. That’s not going to change as the LCR is rapidly becoming a centre of innovation. It has a well-recognised science and innovation base already and further emerging innovation projects and capabilities. Take a quick look at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine led iiCON programme, University of Liverpool’s Materials Innovation Factory and the Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation

Are STEM subjects difficult to study?

Not really. There is such a range of them you are likely to find one or two that you enjoy. If you like maths and physics you’ll be drawn to engineering type professions. A fascination with chemistry could lead to pharmaceutical, oil and gas, coatings development and more. Love biology? You might find yourself in the medical profession or environmental professions. It’s worthwhile trying a few STEM subjects and seeing which ones you like the best.

If you decide a STEM based profession is for you then in addition to having an exciting career you’ll be well paid too. Let’s take a look at some of the highly paid career choices you could make.

If you find you love mathematics then you might choose to train as an Actuary. They use their expert knowledge on business, economics, and maths to give financial advice to non-specialists. An Actuary can be found in banks, insurance companies, or investment management and corporate finance organisations. Often they are talented at applying statistical theories to help them predict financial situations. This can help a company avoid financial risk or spot opportunities in the future market place.

Petroleum Engineers work within several subsectors of the oil and gas industry. They look at the most efficient ways to extract oil and gas from below the earth’s surface. They are often the highest paid engineers in the sector because of the responsibility they have and the revenue their job creates. They usually have a degree in engineering and earn around ÂŁ95,000 a year.

Computing is a growing sector for high-earning STEM based professionals. 

Systems Developers design, build, develop and test computer systems. They spend a lot of time conducting technical research and analysis. A good Systems Developer has a keen eye for detail and a deep knowledge of programming languages. They need to be able to spot faults quickly and fix them efficiently. Information Security Analysts are also in demand with advancing technology and a rise in cyber-crimes. They analyse security measures and procedures to ensure companies’ networks are protected from file corruption, unauthorised access, and theft.

If you are drawn more to the biological STEM subjects there are medical professions that pay very well…

Radiologists diagnose the disorders or diseases shown in X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, and other specialist medical scans. They discuss the results they find with physicians to suggest possible treatment routes and recommend further tests. Radiologists have a medical degree, so it’s not surprising they earn around £120,000 per year.

As Liverpool City Region is set to become a thriving innovation centre recognised across the globe, there are plenty of opportunities for STEM based professionals. Should you study STEM subjects? You decide.