2-day course covering the following;

  • What platforms you can advertise on and what you need to do to get going.
  • The pyramid of advertising campaigns. The top (objective), the middle (targeting) and the bottom (the creatives).
  • You’ve set up ads… they’re running…how do you know if they’re performing? Let’s talk about tracking.
  • Good campaign structure – sometimes simple is better.
  • The creatives. How do you do it? What do you write? What do you do?
  • The offer – In the words of Vito Corleone “I’m Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse”.
  • Knowing your own numbers – customer lifetime value. Average order value. If you don’t know your numbers then it’s time to learn them.
  • Let the numbers guide you, don’t you guide the numbers. The metrics you need to obsess over.
  • Test, test and test again. Good things don’t last forever.
  • This course will give learners an introductory understanding of how to use online digital advertising platforms to find their
  • dream customers, bring in revenue and give their business a new acquisition strategy through paid media. Learning good
  • campaign structure, tips and how to track their performance effectively.

Delivered by Training Unlimited.