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Are you looking to start your career journey in the health care sector? We have over 100 of the latest opportunities available right here…

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Are you looking to start your career journey in the health care sector? Or, perhaps you are looking for a change of career?

Well, if it is a ‘yes’ to any of the above then we have put together the latest NHS Care vacancies from across the Liverpool City Region all in one place to help you in your search.

There are a number of roles within the sector which can range from administrative roles through to catering or domestic supervision or research.

To search further healthcare opportunities please CLICK HERE or visit:

Free Neurodiversity Webinar

Free one hour webinar for Liverpool City Region employers and organisations delivered by Knowsley Council and Liverpool Council to raise awareness of Learning Disabilities, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)

There are 75 places available which will be allocated on a first come / first served basis to those who register in advance. 

Raising Awareness of Neurodiversity Tuesday 23rd January start time 11am – end time 12pm (limited places available)

Raising Awareness of Neurodiversity Tuesday 5th March start time 11am – end time 12pm

Raising Awareness of Neurodiversity Thursday 9th May start time 1pm – end time 2pm

Please see links below for February and April dates when the webinars can be viewed on YouTube

On the day of the webinar, please join 5 minutes early to allow for a prompt start.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please inform us in advance if you have any access requirements.

Please see Privacy Policy for this event: Knowsley Council Privacy Statement

Raising Awareness of Neurodiversity – You Tube Dates

We are also offering two dates when the Raising Awareness of Neurodiversity session delivered on the webinar can be viewed via a film on YouTube for any colleagues that cannot attend the live webinars.  The films will go live at 9am and will be live for 24 hours.  A PDF of the slides and a certificate of attendance can be accessed after the film has been watched.  Please see dates and links below:

Tuesday 6th February 9am (live for 24 hours)

Thursday 11th April 9am (live for 24 hours)

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Job RefJobBandClosing date Link
350-COR4589000-DTrainee Nurse Associate Apprenticeship304/02/2024 23:59Mersey Care vacancies

Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust

The following vacancies can be applied for at:

Job ReferenceJob TitleGradeWorking HoursClosing Date
287-AMED-260-23-ABowel Cancer Screening Specialist Screening PractitionerBand 6Full time – 37.5 hours per week19-Jan-24
287-ASUR-224-23Early Cancer NavigatorBand 4Part time – 28 hours per week (NA)09-Jan-24
287-CEF-353-23-DTelephonistBand 2Part time – 30 hours per week (No Fixed Working Pattern)18-Jan-24
287-RSUR-274-23Theatre PractitionerBand 5Part time – 25 hours per week09-Jan-24
287-DSS-568-23Specialist Clinical Pharmacist – RotationalBand 7Full time – 37.5 hours per week21-Jan-24
287-ASUR-247-23Screening Technician – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening ProgrammeBand 4Part time – 22.5 hours per week (3 days per week)22-Jan-24
287-DSS-554-23Rotational PharmacistBand 6Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Pharmacy operational hours 8am to 8pm)22-Jan-24
287-RSUR-279-23Theatre Practitioner AnaestheticsBand 6Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Shift work)22-Jan-24
287-CEF-554-23Sterile Services AssistantBand 2Full time – 37.5 hours per week (3 x vacancy will work weekly Alternating shift Monday to Friday 6am – 2pm / 2pm – 10pm)22-Jan-24
287-RMED-458-23-BClerical Officer – Emergency DepartmentBand 2Full time – 37.5 hours per week12-Jan-24
287-RMED-286-23Administrative Clerk – GastroenterologyBand 3Full time – 37.5 hours per week09-Jan-24
287-MIAA-27-23Senior Digital Risk Consultant (Risk & Governance)Band 8aFull time, Flexible working, Compressed hours – 37.5 hours per week (Monday to Friday)12-Jan-24
287-MIAA-29-23Senior Digital Risk Consultant (Technical)Band 8aFull time, Flexible working, Compressed hours – 37.5 hours per week (Monday to Friday)12-Jan-24
287-CEF-604-23Domestic SupervisorBand 3Part time – 25 hours per week (4pm-9pm Monday to Friday (Aintree site))22-Jan-24
287-DEN-47-23-BMedical Records Clerk – Dental HospitalBand 2Full time – 37.5 hours per week10-Jan-24
287-RSUR-275-23Theatre PractitionerBand 5Full time – 37.5 hours per week17-Jan-24
287-CEF-552-23Sterile Services Van Driver – BroadgreenBand 2Full time – 37.5 hours per week (1 x vacancy will work Alternating Shifts  1 week Monday to Friday 6am-2pm and the following week Monday to Friday 2pm-10pm (alternating weekly). There will also be a requirement to work 2 Rota overtime weekends a  month.)22-Jan-24
287-ASUR-11-24Hand and Wrist Surgery FellowJunior Clinical FellowFull time – 40 hours per week12-Jan-24
287-DSS-550-23Pharmacy Assistant – Stores and Dispensary RotationBand 2Full time – 37.5 hours per week10-Jan-24
287-ASUR-244-23-AClerical OfficerBand 3Part time – 30 hours per week18-Jan-24
287-RSUR-236-23-AMedical Secretary – Breast & Endocrine SurgeryBand 4Part time – 22.5 hours per week (3 days per week / 7.5hrs per day)10-Jan-24
287-DSS-416-23-BTherapistBand 6Part time – 22.5 hours per week18-Jan-24
287-DEN-55-23-ARegistered Dental NurseBand 4Part time – 30 hours per week (Tues-Fri  08:45am-17:15pm)18-Jan-24
287-AMED-326-23Highly Specialist Clinical PhysiologistBand 7Full time – 37.5 hours per week11-Jan-24
287-DSS-527-23First Response Therapy Team Lead – B7 PhysiotherapistBand 7Full time – 37.5 hours per week (7 day rota. Hours 8am – 6pm)12-Jan-24
287-DEN-51-23-BRegistered Dental NurseBand 4Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Monday-Friday 8.45am-5.15pm)18-Jan-24
287-AMED-176-23-AHealthcare Assistant – AMUBand 3Full time – 37.5 hours per week (7 day cover days and nights)18-Jan-24
287-BANK-7-24Bank – Environmental Waste Services OfficerBand 2Flexible working19-Jan-24
287-ASUR-232-23Secretary/AdministratorBand 3Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Monday to Friday 08.00 to 16.00)10-Jan-24
287-ASUR-241-23Locally Employed Doctor – OMFS Locum Dental Core TraineeDental Core TraineeFull time – 40 hours per week (with oncall)12-Jan-24
287-CEF-566-23Research & Innovation AdministratorBand 4Full time – 37.5 hours per week10-Jan-24
287-RMED-489-23Retinal ScreenerBand 3Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Hours to be worked between 0800 and 2000 Monday to Saturday, in accordance with service need.)11-Jan-24
287-ASUR-8-24Advanced Clinical Practitioner – Trauma and OrthopaedicsBand 8aFull time – 37.5 hours per week (Working pattern will need to flexible to meet the needs of the service)18-Jan-24
287-AMED-289-23-BStroke Emergency Assessment Centre (SEAC) ReceptionistBand 2Full time – 4 sessions per week (Shifts 11.5hrs per shift, Days and nights)18-Jan-24
287-DSS-463-23-AHigher Appointments ClerkBand 3Full time – 37.5 hours per week10-Jan-24
287-CEF-545-23Divisional Accounting AssistantBand 5Full time – 37.5 hours per week17-Jan-24
287-CEF-587-23Call Centre AgentBand 230 hours per week (Part Time, no set work pattern)10-Jan-24
287-DEN-59-23Registered Dental NurseBand 4Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Mon – Fri  08:45am-17:15pm)17-Jan-24
287-ASUR-236-23Consultant AnaesthetistConsultantFull time – 10 sessions per week16-Jan-24
287-ASUR-243-23MFU Clinical Fellow in Deformity/Orthognathic/Cranio/Trauma/skinSenior Clinical FellowFull time – 48 hours per week (with oncall)24-Jan-24
287-RSUR-192-23-CSupport Medical SecretaryBand 3Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Monday- Friday)10-Jan-24
287-CEF-548-23Cancer Training and Education LeadBand 5Full time, Home or remote working – 37.5 hours per week (Monday to Friday)10-Jan-24
287-ASUR-253-23Major Trauma FellowSenior Clinical FellowFull time – 40 hours per week10-Jan-24
287-ASUR-246-23Trauma FellowSenior Clinical FellowFull time – 40 hours per week (Weekend work 1 in 8 rota)10-Jan-24
287-AMED-325-23Clinical PhysiologistBand 5Full time – 37.5 hours per week (37.5 hours per week)17-Jan-24
287-AMED-294-23Office ClerkBand 3Full time, Part time – 22.5 hours per week (Cover across am 8am-8pm 7 day service,)10-Jan-24
287-DEN-58-23Registered Dental NurseBand 4Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Mon-Fri, 08:45am-17:15pm)17-Jan-24
287-RMED-404-23-AIDA Specialist NurseBand 6Full time – 37.5 hours per week12-Jan-24
287-DEN-39-23-CRegistered Dental NurseBand 4Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Mon – Fri  08:45am-17:15pm)16-Jan-24
287-ASUR-217-23-AImproving Screening Uptake Officer (AAA Screening)Band 5Full time, Part time, Job share – 37.5 hours per week12-Jan-24
287-DSS-462-23-ADivisional Personal AssistantBand 4Full time, Job share – 37.5 hours per week (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)14-Jan-24
287-PPU-28-23Senior Medicines Advice Pharmacist, NHS SPS  Medicines Advice ServiceBand 8aFull time, Home or remote working – 37.5 hours per week11-Jan-24
287-DSS-457-23-BMSK PhysiotherapistBand 6Full time – 37.5 hours per week11-Jan-24
287-DSS-547-23Assistant Patient Access ManagerBand 637.5 hours per week (Full time – 37.5 hours per week)10-Jan-24
287-DSS-548-23Patient Access Supervisor – Clinic Reception, PreparationBand 4Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Monday – Friday 08:30 – 17:00)10-Jan-24
287-ASUR-237-23Virtual Fracture Clinic  AdministratorBand 3Full time – 37.5 hours per week (Over 5 days)10-Jan-24
287-ASUR-234-23Theatre PractitionerBand 5Full time – 37.5 hours per week10-Jan-24
287-RSUR-264-23Senior ODP/Senior Theatre Practitioner – AnaestheticsBand 6Full time – 37.5 hours per week09-Jan-24
287-RSUR-263-23Senior Theatre Practitioner/ODP Team Leader in AnaestheticsBand 6Full time – 37.5 hours per week09-Jan-24

Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

The following vacancies can be accessed via the links within the table.

Job refJob titleGrade (display)Closing dateStaff groupLink
409-S5946537Head of ComplaintsNHS AfC: Band 8a21/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-S5946537&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=1
409-5897478Ward Manager – Frailty Bevan 2NHS AfC: Band 714/01/2024Nursing and Midwifery Registered!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5897478&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=2471
409-5947908Operational Flow AdministratorNHS AfC: Band 315/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5947908&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=5174
409-5953536Payroll AdministratorNHS AfC: Band 321/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5953536&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=7360
409-5917704Care NavigatorNHS AFC: Band 419/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5917704&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=9630
409-5835668Payroll OfficerNHS AfC: Band 417/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5835668&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=12495
409-5821531-BSpecialist Clinician (Annex 21)NHS AfC: Band 619/01/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5821531-B&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=14583
409-5780222-BBand 5 Physiotherapist (Rotational)NHS AfC: Band 501/02/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5780222-B&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=16750
409-5843364-ABand 3 Therapy AssistantNHS AfC: Band 319/01/2024Additional Clinical Services!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5843364-A&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=18760
409-5761767-ABand 4 Therapy AssistantNHS AfC: Band 422/01/2024Additional Clinical Services!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5761767-A&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=21053
409-5843793Pharmacy AssistantNHS AfC: Band 212/01/2024Healthcare Scientists!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5843793&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=23108
409-5902478Advanced PhysiotherapistNHS AfC: Band 719/01/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5902478&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=25362
409-5879497Clinical Lead Occupational TherapistNHS AfC: Band 714/01/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5879497&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=27467
409-5858269Macmillan Skin Cancer Nurse SpecialistNHS AfC: Band 612/01/2024Nursing and Midwifery Registered!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5858269&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=31052
409-S5236736-EMaternity MatronNHS AfC: Band 8a17/01/2024Nursing and Midwifery Registered!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-S5236736-E&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=33828
409-5867291Community Staff NurseNHS AfC: Band 516/01/2024Nursing and Midwifery Registered!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5867291&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=36027
409-5882704Housekeeper/Storekeeper – TheatresNHS AfC: Band 216/01/2024Additional Clinical Services!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5882704&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=37977
409-5928819Temporary Workforce AdministratorNHS AfC: Band 310/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5928819&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=40150
409-5883555Resourcing AdministratorNHS AfC: Band 315/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5883555&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=42300
409-5878008Advanced Diabetes DietitianNHS AfC: Band 715/01/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5878008&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=45875
409-5870736-AMedical SecretaryNHS AfC: Band 311/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5870736-A&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=47964
409-S5911295Head of HR OperationsNHS AfC: Band 8b10/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-S5911295&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=50236
409-5924124Therapy AssistantNHS AfC: Band 312/01/2024Additional Clinical Services!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5924124&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=52937
409-5920220Specialist Physiotherapist (Annex 21)NHS AfC: Band 612/01/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5920220&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=55713
409-5868410Pharmacy Dispensing AssistantNHS AfC: Band 311/01/2024Additional Clinical Services!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5868410&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=57685
409-5885937Community Nurse Team LeaderNHS AfC: Band 610/01/2024Nursing and Midwifery Registered!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5885937&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=59572
409-5901460Estates and Facilities Support OfficerNHS AfC: Band 314/01/2024Estates and Ancillary!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5901460&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=61606
409-5796762Operational Flows Administrator (Transport & Discharge Lounge)NHS AfC: Band 310/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5796762&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=64468
409-5555274-BClinical Coding AuditorNHS AfC: Band 631/01/2024Additional Clinical Services!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5555274-B&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=66558
409-5851653Specialist Information AnalystNHS AfC: Band 714/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5851653&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=68549
409-5878318Occupational Therapist (Rotational)NHS AfC: Band 512/01/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5878318&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=70497
409-5762050-ASpeech and Language Therapy Team LeadNHS AfC: Band 716/01/2024Allied Health Professionals!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5762050-A&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=72632
409-5567900Qualified Senior Clinical CoderNHS AfC: Band 431/01/2024Administrative and Clerical!/job_list/ns?JobSearch_q=409-5567900&JobSearch_QueryIntegratedSubmit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=74888

Liverpool Heart and Chest Trust

The following vacancies can be accessed via the links within the table.

Job TitleBand/SalaryJob CategoryClosing DateWebsite URL
Capital Project ManagerBand 7Admin & Clerical31-Jan-24
Executive AssistantBand 4Admin & Clerical17-Jan-24
Day PorterBand 2Estates and Ancillary16-Jan-24
MatronBand 8aNursing and Midwifery18-Jan-24
Information Analyst Band 5Band 5Admin & Clerical26-Jan-24
Surgical SecretaryBand 4Admin & Clerical25-Jan-24
Admin Assistant Band 3Band 3Admin & Clerical21-Jan-24