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Liverpool City Region based Metal Additive Manufacturer, Carpenter Additive, have joined the long list of city region employers that have accessed training with the assistance of funding made available from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority*.

ESF Logo - Yellow stars in circle on blue backgroundWith over 100 years of industry expertise, the organisation accessed Train the Trainer and the Vital Role of Communications training.

* The courses were funded via the European Social Fund & Strategic Investment Fund as part of the commitment to support employers with funded training throughout the Liverpool City Region.

Carpenter Additive HR Director, Laura Cordwell, shared the organisation’s experience as well as the benefits of undertaking the training:

After completing the courses, what did it enable your business to do?

Train the trainer has been vital for us due to the impact of COVID. We had to reduce our team and we lost some valuable resource and knowhow. We’ve had a robust business plan to cross train and develop the remaining team to become multi-skilled in many areas of the business at the same time as trying to achieve the day job. The training has enabled us to continue to meet our targets with a lean team (Train the Trainer course).

All of our team attended a day of Communications training (including some of our employees based overseas via Teams!) and we were clear from the outset that the training was to have a tangible output of a Communications charter that we are all bought into and work to, (see below). Communication is the key to success when we have a large percentage of our workforce working remotely and our charter provides the foundation for good communication (Vital Role of Communications course).

Communications Charter

What skills & knowledge did the learners obtain from the courses and how did this help the business to achieve its aims & objectives?

One of our Operators was put forward to be recognised in our team brief last week for the high standard of training he had delivered to a fellow team member, and this is partly down to the training he had participated in. This is key to our strategy operating with a lean team that are multifunctional (Train the Trainer course).

Working on Communication is a continual process, and the training provides a really good foundation for everything we do. Working together towards clear business goals is absolutely crucial at the moment. Our team are aware that different methods of communication are appropriate in different situations and can effectively select the right tools for the job in hand (Vital Role of Communications course).

How did the training support the learners in terms of career development?

With train the trainer, we are hoping that as we get back to growing the business and the team, that some of the attendees will develop into Team Leaders and take on more responsibility and authority in developing others (Train the Trainer course).

Communication is key to career development and being part of a global organisation means we frequently liaise with international senior stakeholders.

The training enables our team to communicate effectively and be recognised for the really great work that our UK based team do (Vital Role of Communications course).