This course is aimed at providing a core understanding of how to effectively operate and use outlook.  It is suitable for those who can use outlook at a basic level and who wish to improve skills or perhaps are more familiar with previous versions of Windows and require refresher training, based on the current Windows package being used.

A full day’s training would include all of the below modules.  Shorter sessions and coaching would be adapted for particular requirements.

Module 1

  • Use Voting Buttons
  • Request Receipts
  • Delivery Options
  • Flagging a Message
  • Insert a Signature

Module 2

  • Create a Distribution List
  • Create Personal Folders
  • Rules and Alerts
  • The Out of Office Assistant
  • Deleting Items Efficiently

Module 3

  • Use the Calendar View
  • Create Events and Appointments 
  • Create Recurring Appointments
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Change Appointment, Event or Meeting

Module 4

  • Create a Contact
  • Create a Task
  • Assign a Task
  • Sharing Calendar, Contacts and Tasks
  • The Notes View