Course includes:

  • Performance Management – (1/2 Day)
  • Examine models and theories for monitoring and managing people
  • Show understanding in SMART target setting and how to agree and set individual targets
  • Evaluate models to effectively monitor the flow and quality of work
  • Create and implement action plans and take action to improve weaker areas
  • Performance Appraisal – (Full Day)
  • Understanding the purpose and key reasons for Appraisals and how this links to the performance and development of staff
  • Discuss the importance of objective setting and measurement.
  • Evaluate the benefits of Appraisals to the organisation, the team and the individual
  • Understanding the importance of good listening and questioning skills, including the importance of feedback
  • Understanding the skills needed to deal with behavioural issues
  • Create effective Action Plans to inform improvement
  • Apply good skills to undertake an appraisal – complete role play activity.
  • Improving Productivity – (Full Day)
  • Understand different strategies, methods and ways to improve workplace productivity
  • Evaluate the organisational skills required to improve workplace productivity
  • Illustrate productive communication skills in the workplace
  • Discuss how to manage stress and cope with anxiety in the workplace

Delivered by The Education & Skills Partnership Ltd

This is part funded by the European Social Fund