Course Name: One Earth Education – Low Carbon Workforce
Duration: 1 Day

Course Description 

Upskill your team to cut costs and drive revenue on the route to net-zero.

It is essential for businesses to adapt and thrive in a low-carbon economy, but first, they must upskill their team to understand why it is important.

Equip your team with the skills and mindset needed to drive your organisation towards a low-carbon future while increasing revenue and cutting costs.

This course aims to:

• Provide a basic foundational knowledge of carbon awareness.

• Improve understanding of carbon footprinting in the workplace.

• Teach delegates how to communicate net-zero strategies in order to win tenders and strengthen bid writing.

• Equip learners with the tools to develop a roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality in their business.

• Help strategically align organisations with the UK Government’s objectives for carbon neutrality.

Each delegate will receive a takeaway activity pack designed to help kickstart your company’s carbon reduction journey, including Waste Audits, Carbon Reduction Policy and more.

Course Outcomes 

• Report your carbon footprint to win contracts, strengthen bid writing and drive revenue.

• Boost your company’s sustainability credibility both internally and externally.

• Transition your business to thrive in a low-carbon economy while cutting costs.

• Join the Liverpool City Region’s 2040 Target and support environmental accreditations such as ISO14001.

• Boost your ESG rating to secure investment.

• Attract talent and up-skill your workforce to become climate positive.