An Apprenticeship set in stone


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This month we take a look at Stonemasonry. It’s the latest apprenticeship standard and offers opportunities to gain a trade in in the construction industry.

Stonemasonary is a specialist skill in the construction industry and provides opportunities to work on private and commercial projects. Stonemasonary projects across the Liverpool City Region include the repointing and refurbishment of walls, renovation of cills and lintels, production of stone gateposts and fireplace surrounds. Stonemasons are often required to restore stonework back to its former glory. This skilled trade works sympathetically with each project to ensure the character and personality of the original stone work remains intact.

The apprenticeship in Stonemasonary allows you to specialise in six different areas each with different skill sets that hone working with different stone materials. Each of these different specialisms have different titles in the industry.

The first is a Banker Mason. These stonemasons work in workshops mainly. They produce finished stone components from raw stone block. These are crafted from design drawings out of raw stone blocks to exacting tolerances. The components are then ready to be shipped to site for installation.

Interior Stone Fixers are the second of the specialisms. They are installation experts on indoor projects. Think fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, staircases as well as flooring and walling. The third are Exterior Stone Fixers. This is all about installing solid masonry and hand-set stone cladding to the outside of structures.

The forth and fifth specialisms focus on preservation and heritage projects. Stone Façade Preservationists assess, record and clean stone building facades using chemical and non-chemical methods. Heritage Stonemasons conserve, repair and or replace stone in historic buildings many of which are of national and international importance. The sixth specialism is a Memorial Mason. They produce, install and repair memorial stonework.

Whatever specialism you choose, this apprenticeship will train you to work skilfully with quarried or mined natural stone. You’ll work on construction sites, in workshops and offices on projects involving new and existing buildings. When you finish this apprenticeship you will know how to create and install stone work. You’ll also now how to restore, repair, conserve and clean natural stone too.

You’ll be working alongside other professions in the construction industry from bricklayers to plumbers, architects and designers. They’ll be looking for skilled stone work produced to high tolerances that follow drawings, designs and plans for the project.

If you would like to know more about this, or any other apprenticeships, the Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team provides impartial information and advice on apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region.