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The Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team has been getting back to delivering presentations in schools and job centre plus venues. High demand and varying levels of COVID confidence has led to the development of a blended presentation programme.

During the COVID pandemic the Apprenticeship Support by Be More team has always been on hand over the telephone and through virtual presentations using the Learn Live platform. They announced recently that they were heading back into schools and job centre plus venues to deliver support face to face. This move was welcomed warmly and the popularity of the presentations has meant that demand is high. However, some residents across the Liverpool City Region are not as COVID confident as others about joining groups of people to learn about apprenticeships.

β€œWe have developed a blended approach to delivering information about apprenticeships to maximise the number of people we reach across the Liverpool City Region. We recognise that different people have different circumstances in relation to their immunity to COVID and we want them to be able to get the important information and opportunities we have in the safest and most comfortable way to suit them,” says Samantha Metcalfe, Apprenticeship Skills Broker.

The Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team recognise that it is difficult to take important information on board when you have a concern about the environment it is being delivered in. So, they have developed a blended delivery programme. This brings the best of both worlds and enhances the opportunities for the team to maximise the support they deliver. β€œIn periods of high demand for presentations the blended approach also means we can deliver more, getting the information out efficiently to lots more people,” explains Samantha.

At the centre of the resources for delivering the virtual element of the blended programme is a new eight minute video. It is a comprehensive overview of apprenticeships delivered by Samantha. β€œI will be telling you all about apprenticeships today,” she commences after introducing herself.

The video explains how the Apprenticeship Support by Be More team deliver support across six boroughs: Halton; Knowsley; Liverpool; Sefton; St. Helens and the Wirral area. It also highlights the different ways the team support schools including: presentations; theatre performances surrounding what apprenticeships are, how they work and how to apply; holding mock interviews; support your careers fairs and provide support on a 1 to 1 basis. The video also tells viewers how Apprenticeship Support by Be More has a great reputation for delivering large scale skill shows, featuring local employers, colleges and training providers. It goes on to signpost the apprenticeship vacancies portal on the Be More website to find many apprenticeships available across the Liverpool City Region.

The video presentation explains what an apprenticeship is and talks about the learning and working aspects of an apprenticeship. It covers the work and college aspects of an apprenticeship and how that develops valuable skills on the job complemented by studying for a qualification related to your profession.

Whether you would like a face to face presentation or a virtual one, the blended presentation programme can deliver comprehensive information on apprenticeships to help get you on your journey.

If you would like further information on apprenticeships and how to apply for them, talk to

the Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team They provide impartial information and advice on apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region.