Blundell’s of Liverpool McDonald’s become latest Be More Ambassadors


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The latest company to become Be More Ambassadors is Bundell’s of Liverpool McDonald’s. Lucy Blundell, Group HR and Training Manager tells us why they are keen to help raise awareness of apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region.

Increasing numbers of organisations across the Liverpool City Region use apprenticeships to bring new talent into their businesses and to bridge skill gaps. Apprenticeships bring a lot of benefits to apprentices and the businesses that employ them. Apprenticeship Support by Be More provide impartial information and advice across the Liverpool City Region. Their Ambassador Network has Employer Ambassadors and Apprentice Ambassadors that provide insight into how an apprenticeship works. Ambassadors share real life experiences to residents across the Liverpool City Region and also network with other ambassadors to share best practice and learn from each other about what works in getting the best out of apprenticeships.

Everyone knows McDonald’s. It’s a franchise business, so different restaurants are owned by different organisations across the globe. If you’ve eaten a Big Mac in Liverpool, you may have been served by an apprentice working for Blundell’s of Liverpool. You won’t have known that, because the training is very good and you will have enjoyed the full McDonald’s experience.

“We own and run 13 McDonald’s restaurants across Liverpool and we develop our new talent with apprenticeships. Our experienced training team supports both learning from others, on-the-job learning and the ability to also facilitate the required formal learning. We have a fantastic environment for learning new skills and building confidence. It truly is empowering to be able to learn whilst you work and to put into practice your new skills and greater understanding for the job,” Lucy Blundell, Group HR and Training Manager tells us.

McDonald’s has a well-established apprenticeship programme that brings fresh talent into the business. They advertised for people recently and currently there are more than 18,000 apprentices working and learning in their restaurants. The McDonald’s Apprenticeship Programme takes at least 12 months to complete to gain a Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship (Level 2). This is a nationally recognised qualification.

“The apprenticeship programme is a fantastic opportunity. It has been so encouraging to empower our apprentices through gaining further qualifications. I know our apprentices have really enjoyed their learning experiences, some of whom have felt empowered into further learning. They have since climbed the McDonald’s career ladder. Now, they hold senior positions, with great responsibilities, within the restaurants,” explains Lucy.

“We are proud to be the latest Be More Ambassadors and help raise awareness of apprenticeships as a great way for residents across the Liverpool City Region to learn new skills and gain practical work experience that will last you a lifetime. These include planning and organisation, communication, confidence when dealing with customers, decision-making and team work,” reveals Lucy.

This is one of many apprenticeships offered by McDonald’s apprenticeship programme. If you would like to know more about being a BE More Ambassador or apprenticeships, the Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team provides impartial information and advice on apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region.