Cool Buildings in Liverpool City Region


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There are many iconic buildings across the Liverpool City Region. Some of them are also quite large. As the summer approaches occupants need to stay cool and business owners want to make sure that happens efficiently. Building Energy Management makes this possible.

It often costs more, and is more challenging, to keep a building cool than it is to warm it. Making sure buildings are at the correct temperature, particularly as summer approaches, is a specialised skill. Across the Liverpool City Region large buildings will have a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) within them. This heats, ventilates and air conditions the building cost-effectively. It is also responsible for how a building is fuelled. This might be electricity from the grid, gas fired boilers or solar powered panels on the side or roof of buildings. A BEMS Controls Engineer designs and operates the building energy management system. This is just one of the exciting apprenticeship opportunities in the building sector.

Climate change is high on organisations’ agenda driven by a commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050. To achieve this, a good energy efficiency strategy is needed together with using fuel from renewable sources. BEMS Controls Engineers will play a critical role in the future of building management. They are responsible for the energy efficiency of a diverse range of industrial, commercial and public buildings. To be effective, they need to understand individual buildings’ environment and balance cost, comfort, safety, health and wellbeing. The role also needs skills in specialist design, installation and commissioning.

If you want to train as a BEMS Controls Engineer Apprentice take a look at the standard to see what qualifications you need to apply.

In addition to designing BEMS, you may find yourself commissioning systems, connecting and integrating it with other building systems to create ‘Smart Buildings’. This may involve writing related software.  Once the building is occupied BEMS Controls Engineers keep it running efficiently. You’ll be involved in servicing, maintenance and fault finding.

You will also develop good communication skills as you will need to interact with many different building stakeholders. These can include owners, facilities management companies and equipment manufacturers. Consulting with them will help to build and manage a BEMS to a client’s controls specification.  You’ll also build management skills as you may work in a large building controlling budgets and managing people.

If you are interested in ensuring buildings operate at peak performance with high energy efficiency then this could be the ideal apprenticeship for you.

For more information on this and other apprenticeship opportunities contact the Apprenticeship Support Team by Be More. They provide impartial advice and information on apprenticeships in the Liverpool City Region.