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GAIN (Girls Are INvestors) is a gender diversity charity that provides free careers support to girls and non-binary students…

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GAIN (Girls Are INvestors) is a gender diversity charity that provides free careers support to girls and non-binary students helping them to explore a career in investment.

GAIN UK offer FREE talks to schools, sixth forms and colleges. These talks are educational, interactive and are led by female volunteers.

The inspirational talks are aimed at key stage 4 and key stage 5 students and can be delivered to mixed groups as well as just girls. The talks will last around 25 minutes with time for a Q&A at the end and can be delivered in person or virtually.

Working with GAIN will support schools to meet Ofsted requirements and Gatsby benchmarks, by providing students with encounters with the world of work.

All of the content is designed and delivered by GAIN and so there is no additional lesson planning for staff and following a talk schools will have free access to additional opportunities with GAIN including support at careers fairs, workplace insight days, industry experience events, activities with partner organisations.

We collaborate with investment firms throughout the year to offer insight days to young women and non-binary students interested to learn what it’s like to work in an investment firm.

Insight days are typically hosted on site at a firm’s headquarters, where students will be given a tour, hear from a range of employees about their jobs and how they got into investment management, and have the opportunity to ask questions and network.

GAIN partners with fellow education organisations to bring a range of workshops to students throughout the year from finance simulation experiences, professional development workshops to CV and application clinics

“The whole event seemed to really engage the students as it focussed on explaining how the financial world works and the breadth of opportunities available for intelligent young women. It was exciting and inspiring.”Teacher

GAIN Investment Challenge is all about gaining valuable insight into investment management by getting involved and doing the work.

This annual comprehensive competition gives small student teams, and their supervising teacher access to helpful video lessons, valuable mentorship and more. They learn to thoroughly analyse a company’s stock, then pitch their recommendation as to what action an investment firm should take.

“The panellists to the volunteers and even the girls from the other schools were all very inspiring and motivating which made me love the atmosphere.”Student

Prizes are offered to the winning teams – up to £1000 for the school and £200 in vouchers per student.

To find out more about how you or your students can get involved with GAIN, please contact:

Tasha Hoskins, Education Partnerships & Student Engagement Manager: [email protected] / @girlsareinvestors

“You don’t often get the chance to speak to such empowered women who are passionate and ready to guide you. I have learnt so much from our short visit and will go away and assess what skills I need to develop to have a career in finance.” Student