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Whether it’s walking the dog or mystery shopping a part-time job will enhance your skills and help to make your CV more interesting.

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In just a few month’s time you will have finished your studies for the summer and have free time. While it’s tempting to think about putting your feet up, hang out with friends and party, if you’re ambitious you’ll look for a part time Job. Here’s a few you might want to consider…

You’ve been working hard at school, so the temptation to just have a long relaxing break may be high to say the least! But, if you are looking to apply for a permanent job soon, or want to impress the college or university with a CV that will have them paying more attention to you than another candidate, think about a part- time holiday job. 

Before we take a look at some of the jobs out there, let’s think about what skills they will build that you can list on your CV.  

Obvious opportunities include working in a shop or a supermarket or a restaurant. All of these jobs build social skills as you need to communicate with customers. They also build numeracy skills when customers pay for products and services. For instance, some will pay in cash and you’ll need basic mathematics to give them the correct change. 

Mowing Lawns, washing cars, baby sitting, dog walking and tutoring all require sales skills to build your client base. It also builds an understanding of your local competition and how you price your service. It develops an understanding too of customer retention and the value of repeat business. If you are very entrepreneurial you’ll also begin to think about adding other services to your proposition. Dog walking may develop into pet sitting and on further to watering plants in your customer house while they are away. All of these entrepreneurial skills listed on a CV will get attention and move you up the list of candidates being shortlisted for college or university placements and permanent job applications. 

A prospective employer should be aware of their legal obligations. Whilst there are legal grey areas, there are also some clear black and white areas too. 

Thirteen is the minimum age to start some form of part time job. You’ll be confined to part-time work. Once you reach the minimum school leaving age you can start to work full time, for up to eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. There are also different minimum wage rates which apply to young people at different ages, so check those out.

The obvious part – time holiday jobs we have already mentioned such as working in a supermarket, restaurant etc. But we thought you might also explore some of the more unusual jobs you may not have thought of. How about earning some cash completing paid surveys? Some companies and research organisations want to learn what consumers and general members of the public think about their products or ideas. When they have products relevant to a teenager market you’ll be in high demand. You won’t make a fortune filling in paid surveys online, but it’s easy work if you have access to the internet. 

Did you know that some UK police forces keep a team of people on their books to take part in identity parades. It’s not regular work, but if some suspect is apprehended that has a similar fit to you, such as gender and similar age, then you could be paid to stand in line at your local Police station while a witness tries to pick out the offender. Ask at your local Police station if they do this.

Mystery shoppers are used by companies who want feedback on their customer service. They send mystery shoppers into their stores to buy specific items and then write a report or complete as survey about the experience. Companies employ directly or through mystery shopping agencies. You often need to be 18 to be a mystery shopper, but some agencies want younger people to check shops are not selling products they shouldn’t be to minors and that ID is being requested.

Think about getting a part-time holiday job. Whether it’s walking the dog or mystery shopping it’ll enhancing your skills and help to make your CV more interesting.