Great results for Andrew Collinge Apprenticeship Class of 2019

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Andrew Collinge Training are pleased to announce great achievements for their Apprentices who completed the new Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard. The results from their EPAs show that Andrew Collinge Training has a pass-rate which is head and shoulders ahead of the industry benchmark.

Alison Gibson, Apprenticeship Director at Andrew Collinge said:

‘Our Andrew Collinge Training Team would like to congratulate our Apprenticeship class of 2019 for taking their End-Point Assessments this year. It has taken two years of studying and an admirable amount of hard work and dedication to get through these tough end assessments. These challenging new standards require Apprentices to complete demanding skills and knowledge assessments over a six hour period whilst observed by an externally sourced End Point Assessor. The Apprentices, their employers and our training staff should feel very proud of the results. It takes all parties working together to achieve the best outcomes and the results are a real credit to all concerned.  Andrew Collinge Training are extremely pleased with the overall results and it is already clear how much this aspect of the new Hair Professional standard has raised the level of Apprentices’ competence and confidence ensuring employers also benefit from industry-ready young people’