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A joint initiative between the Combined Authority, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Crosby Training provides fantastic employment opportunities in the HSC sector…

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A joint initiative between the Combined Authority, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Crosby Training provides fantastic employment opportunities in the HSC sector.

Health and Social Care information sessions about careers and pathways into the health and social care sector are being provided to DWP customers. Those who are interested in gaining employment in the sector, but feel they lack some of the necessary skills can attend a 7 day Health and Social Care pre-employment course with Crosby Training where you can hear from employer guest speakers from the sector.

Patrick found his passion in Health and Social Care…

Patrick was originally working in retail management, but he knew he wanted to be a part of something greater. His grandmother spends a lot of time in hospitals and he cares for her now and again, and he feels like gaining employment in a care setting would be his way of giving back while also being able to help people, which he has a true passion for.

He completed his NHS workshop then started our Digital Skills Level 3 Diploma as he knew this would be able to help him in future employment and potentially open up more opportunities for him, which is something we encourage all of our learners to consider. He passed this course with ease and quickly started exploring the NHS vacancies.

We were delighted when he collected his very well earned vouchers following his I.T course, and he informed us he gained full-time employment as an Emergency Medical Advisor. Everyone that encountered him knew he was made for this role and we were ecstatic to find out that his learnings from the NHS course and IT course were able to aid him in his success. After speaking to Patrick recently, he said it is such a rewarding job and is thriving there.

Amani gained the confidence to take on employment again…

Amani was pretty low on confidence and not sure where to turn to make her next step. She had been unemployed since 2020, with such a long spell away from the workplace her anxiety worsened and the thought of an interview was daunting. From her first meeting with us, it was clear she had remarkable organisational skills and a genuine passion for work.

She had done a vast amount of research on the NHS which proved she had the right attitude to succeed, but was just missing a push in the right direction. She started our NHS workshop and our tutors were very impressed with the quality of her work. Her tutor, Jim, suggested her answers were “amongst the most detailed and well written I’ve seen in over 20 years of training.

As part of her NHS programme, Amani also worked alongside David (Customer Service Operations) at Crosby Training who helped her with her job search. She first secured employment as an Administrator at the Walton Centre and has now excelled into the role of Ward Managers Secretary at the Walton Centre. It has been amazing for all of us at Crosby Training to watch Amani blossom from when she first started with us.

Sara felt able to explore a new career path…

Before joining our course, Sara was unemployed for the past 10 years due to ill health. This completely diminished her confidence and she had lost all motivation in terms of the job market. Considering the pressure of interview is something which she had not experienced for a long time, so she knew she needed some support with this and she is thankful that she attended one of our NHS workshops.

She has previous Teaching Assistant experience and was in two minds about whether to stick to what she is familiar with, or explore a new horizon. After attending our course and learning more about the NHS, it was clear that she wanted to strive for a role in the NHS. Her Tutor during the course realised her potential and skills and encouraged her every step of the way.

We were all delighted to find out that she has now gained employment at Whiston Hospital as a Ward Hostess. She expressed how she wouldn’t have been able to do it without our NHS Workshop and it has been so rewarding to see her go into a role where she can help people with the enhanced skills that she now possesses.

Jaymie was able to receive support with job applications…

When Jaymie joined our course, he had been unemployed for around 3 months but was really keen to get back into work but felt stuck. He already had a great passion for wanting to work within a care setting role as he had past experience of being a PA for somebody with cancer. He expressed how he would like some support with his NHS application, as he found the process quite daunting.

His tutor was really impressed with his work during the course and his strong work ethic showed he would be an asset to the NHS. Jaymie has now successfully gained employment at The Royal as a HCA which we all knew would be something he would thrive at.

Jamie found a career he loved…

Jamie was briefly unemployed for a month before starting our course, and immediately we could see he was a motivated individual with a desire to work hard. He has administration experience and would like to stay in this role, he didn’t realise how many administrative opportunities were available in the NHS until he enrolled onto the course.

He wanted to be a part of something rewarding while also able to settle and progress in his career. He has done brilliantly, first of all securing employment at NHS Grassdale Clinic as a Care Co-Ordinator and then moving onto Fulwood Medical Centre as a receptionist. After catching up with Jamie, he is loving his role which is great for all of us to hear as he was such a pleasure to teach.

If you are interested in exploring a role within the NHS, then contact Crosby Training HERE