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What roles will be required to get Jet2 aircraft off the ground, getting holiday makers to their destinations safely and efficiently?

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Jet2 will begin flying from Liverpool John Lennon Airport in 2024. We take a look at some of the 200 jobs this will create across the Liverpool City Region.

In May Jet2 announced that Liverpool John Lennon Airport would be their 11th base in the UK that they will be flying from. Their planes will take holiday makers to 20 destinations including seven that no other flights from Liverpool John Lennon airport go to currently. 

Jet2 are the UK’s 3rd largest Airline. They provide holiday makers with cost-effective flights as well as being a tour operator. The summer schedule out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport is set to be busy and Jet2’s CEO, Mark Heapy estimates that this will create at least 200 local jobs. 

What roles will be required to get Jet2 aircraft off the ground, getting holiday makers to their destinations safely and efficiently?

Some roles you will need to be qualified for already, but others Jet2 will train you for. “We need jobs like pilots and engineers if people have those skills already. Then there will be jobs like customer helpers and we’ll welcome applications for those. We’ll be very pleased to have people from the area applying for those,” reveals Mark.

While Jet2 are recruiting, so is Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Their CEO, John Irving explains that their recruitment will begin later than Jet2’s. “We’ve got a bit of a delay on ours because we’ll be setting up ready to be operationally ready for Jet2’s arrival next year. But Jet2’s operation starts now. They will be starting to plan and getting people in place, ready to start in March. There’s a lot of work going to be happening around the airport over the next 12 months to make sure we’re ready. They’ll be out there, we’ll be out there announcing jobs, as will Jet2 in partnership”.

New jobs at the airport and the surrounding area will be varied.

They need people to work in their car parks through to outlets in the airport and security staff. While there will be an initial recruitment drive to get ready for Summer 2024, Mark Heapy is confident that there will be further people needed as JET2’s operation grows. “We’ve launched other bases in the past and grown very quickly at them. We’ve got a track record for growth and investment so I’m sure you’ll see the operation grow over the coming years,” he said.

So what might the Jet2 jobs be?

If you want to be a Jet2 pilot you’ll need to be qualified. They are looking for pilots who hold a UK issued Licence, either a full UK ATPL and Medical, or UK CPL (and Medical) with ATPL Exams passed (fATPL). They won’t offer you a contract without a UK licence. If you have one, they will invite you onto an induction course. 

Other opportunities in the air include flight crew. This involves customer and cabin safety, in addition to delivering customer service and making on-board sales from food and drink to duty free goods. Their four-week training course gives you the skills required to make sure customers, colleagues and planes stay safe. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground then you might want to be a Passenger Service Agent providing a warm welcome to customers and checking them in. This includes assisting at boarding gates and working with Dispatchers, Cabin Crew and Flight Deck colleagues to make sure flights depart safely and on time. Other roles include baggage handling. It’s a shift-based position, loading and managing baggage to ensure it’s delivered to the right aircraft at the right time.

Look out for these and more opportunities from Liverpool John Lennon Airport over the next few months. You could be part of a team getting people on their holidays in Summer 2024.