Lockdown Dispatches: Wirral Met College

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One example of an apprentice who has adapted brilliantly to working and learning in lockdown is Will Richardson-Smith, a marketing apprentice with Wirral Met College.  He has continued to work efficiently and effectively from home, making good progress with his Apprenticeship and off the job training. Will is now 65% on the way to completing his Apprenticeship. He is supporting the team’s marketing activities from home, completing essential tasks SEO activity on the website and designing labour market infographics to promote careers and courses.

Here are a few examples of other apprentices training with Wirral Met College:

Michael Bayley – Michael is on a level ? Installation Electrician Apprenticeship at Magenta Living. He says “This Wirral Met course has helped me get an Apprenticeship and given me a chance to become a fully qualified electrician.”

Paige Campbell – Paige is on a level 2 Care Apprenticeship at Arrowe Park Hospital. She says, “Without the experience and qualifications that I have gained, I wouldn’t have been able to progress onto an Access to Nursing.”

Robert Green – Robert is on a level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship. He says, “Apprenticeships are the best way to start your career off after school. They allow you to gain valuable knowledge and experience while getting paid, and you do not have to worry about the debt that comes from going to university.”

James Scott-Roberts – James is on a level 3 Engineering Technology Apprenticeship employed by White Moss Horticulture. He says, “Completing my Apprenticeship through Wirral Met gave me the knowledge and the experience I needed to kick start my career in engineering. Having access to experienced engineering tutors allowed me to have a lifetime’s worth of information at any given moment.