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January is a prime time for Apprenticeship providers to plan activities for the year ahead, and for many in 2020, mental health remains firmly on the agenda.

Apprentices, like other sectors of the workforce, are experiencing an increase in challenges to their mental health. Workplace stress is increasingly commonplace, and younger apprentices are also more vulnerable to newer drivers of anxiety and depression, such as social media. The strain on support services is at breaking point and many people are waiting months to get the help they need. Within the skills community, this can lead to apprentices dropping off their programmes, or taking longer to achieve.

Apprenticeship providers can address this with a focus on prevention and early intervention to keep apprentices on track and save time and resources. Getting involved with Time to Talk Day is one way for Apprenticeship providers to be proactive and get ahead of the issues.


Time To Talk

Time to Talk Day falls on Thursday 6th February this year.  The event is spearheaded by Mind, and the charity Rethink Mental Illness.  In 2020, the campaign is encouraging people to break the ice and get the conversation flowing using a game called “Would You Rather?”.  Previous years have been a great success, highlighting how talking openly about mental health can change lives.

Providers can make the most of this year’s Time To Talk Day campaign by running activities that encourage apprentices to talk about their mental health. They can also order a range of resource materials to support any activities they are running.

More details on the campaign