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The Early Years and Childcare sector is looking to expand and offer more opportunities and careers for current and future staff…

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  • Attract new staff and retain existing staff 
  • Build links with Childcare providers and shape local provision. 
  • Support jobs and careers in your local community 
  • Invest in helping the next generation of early years practitioners to learn, develop, and get the best start in life 
  • Demonstrate positive Corporate Social Responsibility 

Affordable and accessible childcare is a key factor in helping employees manage work and family commitments. 

There is an ongoing cycle of understaffing in the sector and therefore unable to provide affordable and high standards of childcare for parents. This leaves many parents out of full-time employment due to taking over the childcare duties which are regularly delegated to nurseries. 

Investing in apprenticeships in the Early Years sector will increase the qualified staff entering the sector as it provides a clear progression route for staff. This will lead to an increased workforce in the sector and allowing parents to enter full time employment, increasing employment and the local economy.

Evidence also shows that good quality Early Years education supports children to be well, develop and learn – with benefits that continue through into school, education, and beyond. 

The Early Years and Childcare sector is looking to expand and offer more opportunities and careers for current and future staff, with wider and more diverse provision for those who use it. 

By supporting the sector to grow its Apprenticeship provision via Levy transfer, employers can help invest in progression and work-life balance of their own current and future staff, help more people in Liverpool City Region into good careers in Early Years education, and support the next generation to get a good start in life. 

To discuss why and how directing your Apprenticeship Levy towards local Early Years providers can be the right fit for your organisation, and the communities that you serve and operate in, please register at… 

The service is free to employers with dedicated staff on hand to support you through the process. You can find out more by clicking the button below or by visiting: