One day course (6 Guided Learning Hours) which covers the following:

ASK model – Developing the right Habits & Results

We are creatures of habit. Success in sales requires the right habits to be developed. Knowing what to do (Knowledge) how to do it (Skills) having the drive to do it (Attitude)

  1. Psychology of Sales & Marketing – Understanding the importance of creating demand for products and services through effective marketing using the 4Ps model and how this translates to creating interest and action by the consumer using AIDA.
  2. Developing the Right MINDSET – Our thinking affects our attitude which impacts our behaviour. How we behave determines what we actually do and this determines the results we achieve. Mindset is the key to high performance.
  3. PERFORM – 7 Steps to Selling Success – Developing a structured approach to sales meetings: Planning & preparation, Evaluation, Review needs, Find solutions, Overcome objections, Re-confirm the benefits, Move to agreement.
  4. Selling Skills & Techniques – Listening & Questioning, Presenting, Handling Objections, Negotiation, Closing the Sale.

Highly interactive sessions helping individuals develop key skills needed to influence and persuade.

  1. Communication & Influence – Effective communication and understanding influencing styles allows the individual to flex their approach and build rapport.
  2. Selling on Value – Learning to communicate the true value of your solution helps to differentiate from the competition.
  3. Sharpening your Axe – Analysing Performance – Raising self awareness to analyse your performance is key to continuous improvement. Simple techniques are used to ensure ongoing personal development.

Delivered by Health & Safety Matters.

This is part funded by the European Social Fund