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Green Growth

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With recent temperatures across Europe rising and fires breaking out impacting on local residents, holiday makers and the economics of travel, this is climate change.

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With recent temperatures across Europe rising and fires breaking out impacting on local residents, holiday makers and the economics of travel, this is climate change.

As the impact of global warming becomes very real for people, career opportunities in green jobs are likely to grow very quickly. Let’s explore what green jobs are and where you might find them across the Liverpool City Region (LCR).

What is a green Job?

As the name suggests, it’s a job that directly contributes to protecting and restoring the environment. They are professions that work actively towards reducing carbon emissions, conserving resources, and promoting sustainable practices. They play an important role in helping to reduce climate change and preserving the environment.

If you are looking for a green job there are a wealth to choose from. It’s important to work out what interests you most, and what skills and experience you may already have, before you apply for one. There are seven different types of green job and many specific jobs within them. It’s best to pick a type of job and then begin to research that further as part of your search for your dream green job. 

Climate change is becoming a real concern and lots of jobs relating to reducing carbon emissions are emerging. There is an agenda to meet net zero targets. LCRs challenge of becoming a zero-carbon city region by 2040 involves substantial changes to how we generate and consume energy. It also requires a change to infrastructure and transport networks. 


The first type of green job to consider is in renewable energy. When you burn fossil fuels, you create carbon emissions. Renewable Energy generates power through using natural resources like the wind, sun and even the motion of the ocean. Jobs in the renewable energy sector include manufacturing, and installing technologies from wind turbines to solar panels. There are also research jobs to be had developing new technologies or making current ones work more efficiently.  

Energy Efficiency

While renewable energy jobs focus on generating power with low carbon emissions, jobs in energy efficiency help to make sure we use less. Businesses want to use energy as efficiently as possible not just to reduce carbon emissions, but to save money too.  Jobs in energy efficiency can be found in almost every sector. Even in consultancy there are energy management specialists and energy auditors delivering their expertise to business. 


You’ll find green jobs in the construction industry. They range from green architects through to construction managers employing green technologies and eco-friendly materials experts. There is a growing trend to use sustainable building practices opening up a range of green careers in the construction sector.


There are also green jobs to be found in transportation and logistics. Perhaps think about a career reducing carbon emissions in logistics companies if commercial transportation interests you. Also take a look at sustainable transportation. There are careers in the development and operation of electric vehicles. Further opportunities include developing and managing sustainable public transport. The LCR is becoming home to electric and hydrogen powered buses and a growing cycling infrastructure.

Conservation and agriculture

Looking at green jobs that are not directly related to energy you might want to explore Environmental Science and Conservation. These include careers in environmental research, conservation, and restoration. Look for job titles such as environmental scientists, ecologists, and conservation officers. You should also investigate careers in waste management and recycling. These range from jobs in waste minimisation through to recycling and waste management planning.

Another green career path is in sustainable agriculture. Think about organic farming, permaculture, and agroecology. If you are interested in sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture this could be the sector for you.

The Liverpool City Region has plenty of opportunities for people wanting to start a green career. If you are keen to pursue a green career, have a think about what type of green career interests you most and get job hunting.